Day 5 - Tuesday June 27th, 2006 - Victoria to Seattle

None of us slept very well in the Hostel. It was super hot and the bar across the street was loud. We woke up early, had a nice breakfast around the corner and started to load up our stuff to head home.

While packing up Larry and I met a mother/daughter couple who were heading out across Washington State on Highway 20. We gave them a few pointers, but it was more interesting to hear their story. 10 years ago they had started doing bicycle trips as a family and their first one was a 7 week crossing of Canada from Ontario to BC. This was something of a 10 year anniversary of that trip to return and finish one last leg of it.

The ride back to the ferry was fast and fun. At about 22km I noted that a ferry left in 30 minutes and I thought we only had 7km to go and asked if John and Larry wanted to pick up the pace. I was wrong about the distance, it was more like 12km, but we got into a paceline going around 30-34km depending on road surface and got to the ferry terminal just at noon.

Luckily the ferry hadn't left yet. We bought our tickets and the cashier told us to head down lane 1. In a very american tourist move we blew by a ferry loader and onto the wrong ramp, then almost blew by another. At least we made the ferry.

We were back in Seattle by 5pm and Larry and John headed back to their respective cities. It wasn't the tour that we had set out to do, and I think we rode less miles than any of us expected, but we still had a good time. The riding was good, the weather was great, and any trip to Victoria is a good one. Hopefully we'll return to try another approach on the logging roads again in a few years, and I think we'll all return to ride the Galloping Goose with our partners and families.